Academy Program

BENEFITS OF Great Day 4 Baseball and Conditioned Minds SAVANNAH ACADEMY!  
  • Education and leadership academy focused on inspiring positive outcomes
  • Provides direction to college pathways for student athletes
  • Focus attention on both athletic and academic success and drive
  • Redirect the attitudes of the common student-athlete towards academic awareness
  • Enhances overall behavior and character development Leadership trips, workshops, and seminars included Additional Services: College portfolio services and international travel (additional costs apply)
"Great Day 4 Baseball and Conditioned Minds Education & Leadership Academy is offered to student athletes in grades 5 – 11 interested in improving overall opportunities of becoming successful throughout all facets of their school years athletically, academically, and with future aspirations."

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE (only $60 monthly)

Scholastic Learning

- Core curriculum preparation and course management;
-Strengthening communication, writing and study habit skills;
- Creating an academic game plan for post-secondary expectations and goals;
- Financial aid process planning;
- Test taking strategies (PSAT & PLAN preparation);
- Successful action plan development.

Leadership & Social Development

- Intense hands-on leadership learning experiences;
- Gain a deeper appreciation of values of perseverance, attitude, and sacrifice;
- Set goals, inner strength, and positive thinking;
- Build decision-making, critical thinking skills, and team-based problem solving;
- Focus on goal-oriented leadership;
- Creating the mental & emotional winner perspective of being an athlete.

Career Preparation

- Introduction to college majors and potential career paths;
- Personal finances and budgeting, and scholarship opportunities;
- Resume writing and preparation skills.

System Integration

- Mobile applications allowing communication directly with college prep counselors;
- Access to B.A.R.I.N. software featuring access to individual online portfolios.

Great Services for only $60 per month for 12 months!!!  FINANCIAL AID ASSISTANCE is available for those that qualify.


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