Lesson Packages
We provide lessons with a qualified coach that has played college and/or professional baseball.
During the lessons, we teach all the baseball fundamentals- hitting, fielding, and throwing(pitching).
Hitting/Pitching(Throwing)/Fielding Lessons
We prefer to do our lessons for a 1 hour time period because this allows us more time to train the player in all aspects of the game.  The 30-minute sessions only allow a short window to teach the skill set.  But we do offer 30-minute lessons if you prefer to participate in those.
Lessons are open to all players:
GD4 Baseball Member Prices:
$20 for a 30-minute session
$40 for a 1 hour session
Non-GD4  Baseball Member prices:
$25 for a 30-minute session
$50 for a 1 hour session

Lessons are held in various field locations in Savannah, GA and surrounding areas.

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